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If you're struggling to get everything done...

...then you're in good...COMPANY.

Welcome to the party.

Welcome to the party.

I've spent years trying to figure out how to be more productive and I'm thrilled to share my tips and tricks at Brava Magazine's upcoming Thrive Career Workshop on February 22nd

My workshop is going to cover my basic productivity equation and how to achieve all three elements:

When you are clear about your priorities, leverage your schedule, and build a solid workflow that you trust, you can move past just checking things off your to-do list and become truly productive.

Want to learn more?

Join me on February 22nd for "Making Productivity Productive," an interactive workshop with Brava Magazine that will help you overhaul your productivity! The session will mix training elements, activities and individual assessments to set you up for a more productive professional and personal life. Bring your calendar, planner, mobile devices, and anything you use to keep track of your work and life.

Find out more and register today at  http://bravamagazine.com/thrive-career-workshops-2017/ !

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