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My Approach

After nearly 15 years of serving as an executive, strategist, trainer, and commentator, I have a unique perspective on the interconnected relationship between motivating groups of people, developing strategic plans, and engaging dynamic leadership to achieve a shared goal.

The single most important element of achieving your mission is having an aligned, collaborative team. Only then can you develop bold and innovative strategies, execute plans that drive your mission, and achieve your desired outcomes.

I ground my approach in the following values:


Approaching your goals through a system-wide analysis will clarify expectations, identify opportunities for growth and impact, and build a more sustainable organization.


Aligning around a shared mission and vision is the foundation upon which all other decisions, strategies, and tactical plans are built.

Teams & Groups

Developing, engaging, and deepening the work of your leadership structure is key to advancing your mission and achieving your desired outcomes.


Employing creative technological solutions to support you, your leadership team, your organization, and your constituency will maximize your efficacy and impact, and exponentially increase both individual and organizational capacity.

Intentionality & Transparency

Leading with intentionality, transparency, and clarity builds power and alignment, inspires others to invest in your vision, and results in effective programs.

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